Dragon Born Slot Review

All players who are relatively familiar with the “Dungeons & Dragons” game, movie and online slot probably heard of Dragon Born online slot before. Yet, in its Dragon Born slot title, Big Time Gaming exploits the name, but delivers a medieval setting in a pastoral kingdom without following any exact storyline. 

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Dragon Born Online Slot General Info

Online slots with epic fantasy theme are quite common and popular these days, so innovations are always welcome. In this 6-reel title, Big Time Gaming tried its hand at various novelties:

  1. Instead of the standard paylines or ways to win, this slot features Megawins, all 117649 of them. Yep, you saw that one right, 117649 is the number.
  2. The six reels (which is a bit out of the ordinary in itself) can fit up to 7 symbols each.
  3. Each symbol has its stacked image form and the regular sized form, including the poker symbols.

And that’s just to start with – there are also special features and symbols. Also, your wager options include entire stake values that range from £0.20 to £20 per spin – a decent range for most punters.

Now, considering all these benefits, you’d think that every spin must be a winning one, and that prizes are quite lucrative. Alas, they aren’t. Despite so many Megawins and stacked symbols, your prizes hardly ever exceed your wager, which may be the biggest downside to this slot.

Another area that fans of epic fantasy slots, such as Microgaming’s “Game of Thrones” or former “The Lord of the Rings” slots, truly appreciate are crystal-clear graphics and impeccable design. Big Time Gaming was definitely successful in the fulfilment of its idea to create a fairytale kingdom that needs protection from a vicious dragon and its mistress, and they obviously picked exquisite drawings and thematic sounds for the topic. It’s just the clarity of the graphics that could be a bit sharper in smaller formats.

Dragon Born Special Features

Another thing that gives this game great potential are its special features – full reel wilds represented by a Joker, Diamond scatters, and free spins. The wild symbols don’t just occupy the whole reels, they also randomly award up to 7x multipliers which multiply with other wild’s multipliers. They can appear maximum twice per spin, on reels 2-6. And believe it or not, even with their help the prizes don’t get much higher. Scattered Diamonds serve to start a round of free spins, up to 50 of them, depending on the number of triggering scatters. During the free spins, wilds appear stacked and each Diamond brings an extra spin.


Despite so many novelties that could make Dragonborn slot extremely attractive, this slot actually offers less than many of its thematic counterparts. The special features could be more intricate, some cinematic effects wouldn’t hurt its appeal, and more generous (or at least more frequent) payouts would definitely make it more recommendable. Right now, it’s a game with a beautiful “medieval kingdom” setting, an interesting theme, lots of promises, but few expectations fulfilled.

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