Frozen Inferno Slot Review

Following in the footsteps of the famous “Game of Thrones” book, series and slot – and probably targeting its fans – WMS made an astonishing title that most fans of epic fantasy and magic-themed slots won’t be able to resist. It’s called Frozen Inferno and it’s as cool as a video slot can be, but it will ignite your desire to keep playing it… infinitely! 

Frozen Inferno Online Slot General Info

Let’s start with the basics – Frozen Inferno slot is a 5-reel, fixed 40-payline game set in a 5×4 grid window. Its theme will surely remind you of GoT, as the contrast between Ice and Fire is particularly prominent there, only in this WMS title, it doesn’t seem to be a fight between good and evil, but between two contrasts, two sorcerers with opposing sets of skills. They both use magic potions, amulets, rings and wands, stones with runes, spell scrolls, etc. What’s interesting (and quite refreshing) is that there are no poker symbols among the images used in Frozen Inferno. Kudos to WMS for the slot’s design, too; the atmosphere’s mysterious and gloomy, but by no means dull. What’s more, the game’s so engaging that you’ll anxiously anticipate the outcome of every spin.

The game starts by your selection of Frozen or Inferno base game. Each features a starting wild on reel 3 and its own imagery. Depending on the game, that and all additional wilds freeze or move around the grid. Your bets can be selected through a menu next to the slot window, and range from GBP0.01 to GBP5 per line. In return, when you play Frozen Inferno online’s 40 lines may offer wins up to 250x your line bet. This doesn’t seem like much, but do consider that the slot pays pretty often and occasionally quite generous sums.

Frozen Inferno Special Features

The focus of this genuine title is on its wilds. Namely, during the Frozen game, every Ice tile freezes a wild on the position where it landed. In case of the Inferno game, wilds move, and every Fire tile adds a Roving Wild next to the existing one. Once four Frozen/Roving Wilds hit the screen, an Ice/Fire Bonus symbol may appear and start a round of Free Spins.

The Free Spins Bonus is truly one-of-a-kind feature, as it guarantees winnings. What you get are unlimited spins until 5 wins are achieved. You play in the triggering mode, but with every win one reel from the left changes into the contrasting mode. Also, you get one wild per spin, up to the maximum four, which will surely derive wins quite quickly. And the prizes you get in the Free Spins Bonus are quite decent, to be honest.


Frozen Inferno is a great example of what a carefully planned and designed slot should look like. This game is a pure joy to play, and even when its prizes are not as high as we’d want, we keep spinning the fabulously crafted reels, admiring the game’s interesting twist on the familiar features and anticipating its next move. All in all, a warm recommendation, not just to fantasy slots fans, but to the general playing population.

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